12 Life Lessons in 2017

Four months into the year 2018 and some thoughts/ideas/sayings have proved to be valuable and True for me.

1. Poverty is Lack and not a state of Mind

2. We Can go at any time, Live as if Today is your Last

3. The Universe is a Genie, be careful what you wish for

4. We all Die, it’s fate and Not Justice

5. The Bible is not a weapon it’s a Book

6. When it’s not your turn, enjoy the show. Enjoy the view

7. Everything is Vanity only after we die, before then, everything Counts

8.There is more to Life than what you always think is more important at any moment. You will know this as you grow older, so allow for positive change and adaptation

9.Except you are Dead, in this life we have no Excuse

10. Never make threats of which on second thoughts, you are not ready to execute

11. We all can’t be leaders but those who act will Rule, even if they are Stupid

12.Dreams are Memories of the future

and I am a Dreamer

 — Diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa (life lessons)

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