Baby na

— A 2018 Valentine Piece 0.3

Let this poem testify my love for you

let it stand against me if I ever leave you

For what you mean to me is like the air I breath

That’s why come what may I will never leave thee

Sometimes I wish people see what I see in you

May be they will understand why it has to be you

But sometimes I wish they don’t know about you

Cos pinky promise I can never share you

Sacrifice is the best you can love someone

I have made my choice you are my only one

Your Love is alway strong to keep me alive

Cos I have found a pride in you and that’s no lie

If love is blind, baby na you are my sight

I am proud to have you as my only light

If Gods Time is the best He will make ours better

Cos baby na, I know we are meant to be forever

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa [ Baby na, I love You]

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