Change 0.1

First and foremost

If necessary, change your name

for if you bear a name like Judas

There is little or no hope for you

Change your dreams

If you have outgrown them or if they are too small or myopic

If you don’t have a dream, get one

If you really don’t want to be a dreamer

Then support one in your family or bloodline

But don’t expect because you support them

you will always understand them

Change your location

If you have grown too comfortable and sleep more than you work

If there is a better life out there you believe in

Go for it and don’t die an unknown hero

Don’t die not knowing that life is beautiful

and the earth is a wonderful place

Change your mind-set

Things are not what they used to be

Things won’t be what they ought to be

It was cool for our parents to marry in their early 20s

In our time it is harder but not impossible

Change your expectations

There is a paradigm shift with millennials

reality is not what it use to be

Don’t be delusional about what can be

Or about the gods or the Universe

There should be work at the End of every prayer

There should be a plan for every dream

There should be a reason for everything

Change your friends

If it’s hard to manage them and you have to pretend

and be uncomfortable all the time

You came alone, You will die alone

Happiness starts and ends with you

In-between are the choices you make and actions you take

and You will always bear responsibility for the choices

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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