Change 0.2

Change your life

You can’t Change the life that is YOU

but you can Change the components that make you

What you like, what you want and what you want to be

Eat healthy, work hard but Don’t overwork your system and crash

Change your path

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction

Times are changing fast

don’t get to comfortable with routines, Patterns

and believes that are obsolete

Evolve, grow and change

Change your thoughts
The system is rigged

It’s not your place to change it by complaining or unbelieve

It is not your place to save the world, Christ done that already

Stick to your calling and the pursuit of happyness

Change your resolve

Change your story

Change your plans

Change what doesn’t work for you

Change what causes you pain

Change what makes you angry

Unless you are Dead, you have no Excuse

Except you are Really dead, You can change somethings

So please let go what needs to go

Let go what has no Place in your future

If you want to be a Billioniare, there is a lifestyle that comes with it

If you want to be a Career person, there is a Life style that comes with it

If you want to be a sensational house wife and Mother of Legends,

there is a lifestyle that comes with that

If you want to be a Servant of God, there is a lifestyle that comes with that

The life styles that come with the future we want are not gifted to us

They are there in the universe for the taking

Men have taken them for themselves before us

Men will continue to take them for themselves after us
They are a damn few and they are dreamers and they believe in CHANGE

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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