Dear Ex-

Dear Ex-

Compliments of the End Times

Going through your Social media Profile,
I can’t help but Thank God for your life
and pray you see better days

Meanwhile in Memory,
I can’t help but smile at the period that was US

Then, All I wanted was a best friend
One to walk through life with till the end
One to wake up to a phone call, text or
message wishing me the best of the day
One to like me for my strength and weakness
One to invest in helping my weakness become strengths
and helping me grow stronger
One to gossip and joke about life with
All I ever wanted was a mentor
One to look me in the eye and say
“I believe in you”
One to say “Yes you can”
when the whole world says “No you can’t”
One to pick me up when I fall
One to advice me and be accountable too

All I ever wanted,
Was to travel to a new town for the weekend
and enjoy the little things in life
Meet new People, drink new drinks
eat new food and hear new languages
All I ever wanted was not too expensive for a start
and I am sure, now you agree though it’s too late

All I ever wanted was You
Not sure if I wasn’t good enough or
if the universe was stronger than us
All I wanted was to have random breakfast
of waina once in a while at Pepsi Garden
To seat at the back of the church on any day and
gist about life and what God could accomplish through us
But I didn’t fit the profile I guess
I wasn’t spiritual enough to have you
dear Angel of God, Christ came for sinners like me
But you made me believe
angels came for believers and I was not one

All I ever wanted with you
I can never get with anyone else
Still, no woman has a monopoly over a mans
destiny in the name of love or because of love
You made my story thick and added more
volumes to my life
Am happy and proud of you
Because you made me realize,
all I ever wanted with you was a big lie
I was born and made for more.

Cheers and Thanks ex-
Crazy Pete

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