Dearest Pete

Hi dearest pete

I told you I was contagious, why acting so outrageous

Loving me has it’s price I told you no lies

what started like a joke gave me much hope

but you took it for granted and never cared to note

No doubt dearest pete your the best I ever had

but you never made a choice to put the ring on

I am not growing younger and your no longer a lad

you never showed promise so I had to move on

with one life to live I want to be a wife too

and I wished above all to be Mrs Pete

but you had your own plans I couldn’t see through

and I never ever saw myself becoming Mrs Pete

When I remember all the times we laughed and played

You gave me heaven on earth and I wished it was for ever

but you know better pete we no longer kids

Am most sorry dearest I ditched you and bailed out

Your dearest ex- mili.

-diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa (ex- mili)

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