Dedicated to YOU

Dedicated to the people

That were just ordinary people

Who gave some people

A reason to believe and be great

Dedicated to parents

That were just ordinary parents

Who gave their kids all they could afford

What it takes to be different and great

Dedicated to siblings

That were just ordinary siblings

Who gave their siblings companionship

The support and a reason to be special

Dedicated to friends

Ordinary friends

Who aren’t special but believe in you

Who are as true to you as family

Dedicated to a career

Just an ordinary career

That makes you happy and fulfilled

Making life worthwhile with every effort you give

Dedicated to a GOD

Not just any god

But the one that’s the reason to why you’re here

Who hears and still cares

Dedicated to you

Not just anyone but you

For taking time to read

Despite the many calls of life

Thank you

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

#zgbarwa #Poetry #ThankYou #Dedication

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