Here Comes the Dreamer

My passion for things run deep

I forgot my silver spoon in heaven on my way down to earth

There is more to life than good health, sex, food or money

I am dating my dreams and they are the memory of the future

By now you should know that “I am a dreamer”

Am starting from the bottom

There are many before me. There Will be many after me

But for now in the moment, it’s me against the world

Because of my choices, somehow I gat nothing to lose

But people believe I’ve lost because they think I am lost

I came from the god’s my words are not mere thoughts

There is a way that seem right to men

But it’s end is destruction for dreamers

Unfortunately, it’s dreamers that makes the world go round

Our history, tribes, lineages exist because of the dreamers in them

There is a way that seems right to a dreamer and the end is Legendary

Ordinary Men have a thing for calling things what they are,

Dreamers have a thing for calling things what they want Them to be

you see a man, they see a legend

you see work, they see the making

you see enemies they see motivators

you see the end, they see the legend begins

“If you must dine with the gods you must be a dreamer”

The world will write its version of Me

The gods will write their Version of Me

but Now, I am writing my Version of Me

In it, I am Legend, I am G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times)

and it Starts with “Here Comes the Dreamer”

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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