If your 30+ and Single, My Lady.

Dedicated to all the Crazy Girls in my Life (My lady is a Gangster)

At 30+ if your still single and staying in your parents house

There are 2 possibilities

One, you will soon move out

Two, you will be there for a very long time

If you will soon move out, the better your lot

If you’re staying, hmmm, The Lord be with you

If you’re staying and you have a Job, there are 2 possibilities

One, alot of fingers will be crossed waiting for your next move

and it better be your best move.

Two, Hmmm (the point is irrelevant forget it)

If your staying without a Job, you better be the Religious type. It lessens the severity of your case. “Gods time is the best, it will soon be your turn”

On behalf of Christ, your church activities will cut you some slack

Maybe or maybe not, just saying

If You’re staying without a Job, the world you live in will naturally seem different and there are two possibilities

One, Your village people are at it again, and this time sister, you are the target

If you are a bro, the better your lot

It’s a Man’s world, you owe no one no goddamn explanation. Well, let’s not rush to conclusions there, maybe you owe your popsy and mumsy an explanation for the grown ass human that is still living under their roof in the name of their pikin

If your a girl, lady or woman. (Sorry am not sure of the difference between these female category these days. Millennials gat no respect for the dictionary anymore)

As I was saying, If your a girl, lady or woman, Hmmm there are many possibilities Involved

One, you took a guy for granted and just when you thought there are many fishes in the river, a drought struck
Two, it’s a family thing, all your sisters ain’t married too and you still trust God.
Three, you’re engaged for the 3rd time and scared of rushing it
Fourth, you are likely the career type. Your dreams are more important than anything else and everyone around you don’t seem to see that, especially your boyfriend
Fifthly, you are too smart, intelligent and successful for men around you Sister, may your intelligence find a way for you. Amen
Lastly, Last last maybe you just need deliverance kawai

If you took a guy for granted, the better your lot, the drought won’t last forever

If it’s a family thing, there is one thing involved. Your ancestors are at it again. If your the godly type, the better for you, God dey.

If you’re not the godly type, two things are involved and am sure you know them

If you’re engaged and scared of rushing it, I am happy for you. Time will tell

If your the career type. Your case is complex, complicated and difficult. This we leave to the gods but be of good cheer. Your case is different

If your too smart and intelligent for your peers. There are two things involved. With time, sugar mummy won’t be a bad idea. Secondly your elders will always come to the rescue with an arrange wedding

If you just need deliverance, there are two things involved

You will humble thyself and seek deliverance or you will just go on been crazy. Because all this while, You where born a Gangster.

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa [my Lady is a Gangstar]

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