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Lessons From a Poultry Venture

“We are not business oriented”! for the millionth and one time she said like business was a race or tribe of its own and “It is not US.”

My parents were basic civil servants till their death and the best they left behind of all their toils and sufferings are six children. No million dollars inheritance, estates, or fortune to be hoped for but a sound education, the word of God and a good legacy within the community they lived. All these we are most grateful for and we thank the Lord for them.

Unfortunately for us as siblings (especially me) there is a good life out there they did not say much about, a good life that only money and wealth can get. I grew up thirsty and hungry for it. I once thought education was good enough to get and Live the good life but where I come from it’s not good enough. In summary, it all boiled down to one thing, BUSINESS, I needed to be business oriented, I needed to do business.

Am an architect by profession and the passion runs deep, unfortunately, business in architecture is another ball game entirely. Another story for the gods.

“We are not business oriented”! came the general advice and suggestions from most people trying to advise me.

“Just pray, hope and look for a government Job. Further your education if you must, it will surely improve your chances.”

“Really”? I always thought to myself.

Looking at all the people that took such a path they advised me to take, very few had anything to say or offer in life. I saw others that did better, lived better and died making a huge difference in life, I wanted that and more.

I made up my mind, there was no going back, I am going to be rich and wealthy in this life or the next.“We are not business oriented” that might be our story but am not sticking to it, Am changing it.

My first official business was a poultry business (the main reason for this article, sorry for the lengthy preface). It was $320 investment at home, an 8 weeks venture. Buy day old chicks, brood them for 8 weeks and sell them for meat. I, fortunately, finished the venture with a little interest (money wise) but did not continue as I thought I would but I learned a lot of valuable lessons.


“Easier said than done,” almost everyone knows the saying. All the information, procedures, data and suggestions on how to run a successful poultry business came easy until I had the chicks in the cage and started feeding them. A Lot that followed physically, emotionally and otherwise was never mentioned in the books. The stress of cleaning the cage daily, the fear of losing the whole clutch of chicks when one falls ill, the psychology attached to watching life grow under your authority. All these might not matter to most, but am very sensitive and it mattered to me. I became more conscious and knowledgeable about a lot of things.


I started outright with a mindset to make a profit. Raise birds, sell them, repeat the process and get rich. In the process new interest evolved, new traits were set free from within. Things I would never have known any other way came into existence. I developed an interest in animals and plants, I loved the idea of living on a farmyard forever. Some interest might have been temporary but it was worth the thought. Some are sure to change my life for the better.


Waiting is easier if you do not know why you’re waiting (for me I guess). But when you have an expectation after a specific time, it can be torture to wait and worse to it is when certain factors within the waiting period start to go off track. Tenacity becomes key, especially when it’s likely to fail and you have to start all over again.

Another funny part of this lesson was instances I tried getting MAD with the chicks for shitting in their feeder, drinker or rushing for food. They never cared much if you pushed them or hit them as long as they could move they rushed for food and water. I learnt to wait.


“if God gives us all we want in life now, what use will tomorrow be”?

I was once eager to have too many things in life at once, that was when I did not plan or care much about the Future.

Life is a series of events over time whether we agree with it or not. We must crawl before we walk, and it’s better to enjoy the crawling process than eagerly trying to walk, Soon we begin to walk and at a point we are tired.

Eight weeks in human terms means various things to various people, but for me at this time it meant a Big deal. It might not have seemed like a big prize (money wise) but it was a giant step into new territories.

We must put in the work and time to enjoy the harvest in life, if we don’t, someone else must put in the work and time for us to enjoy the harvest. My parents might not have given me much but they obviously laid the foundation for me to be all I want to be and it’s a DAMN shame to settle for less than the Very very very best.


I might have been destined to work 9 to 5 all my life because of where I come from, believing the mediocrity that I am not worth much. Maybe some can not be worth much but I beg to differ, that might be my story but am not sticking to it, Am changing it. I tried and succeed. It did not kill me, so yes I Can and Yes you can. We will never know for real till we try, as long as it’s good and pressing on you, Yes you can.

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