Letter to my future wife

Dear Wify,

Compliments of the season,

believing all is well with you

So Sorry I haven’t reached out to you all this year’s

Sorry I am still a fantasy, a wish, a dream and a prayer to you

Hold on, dreams can come through

Hold on, I promise you I will come through

Sorry for all the troubles I have put you through

Letting you search for me in other men with great disappointment

Forgive them, all men are not the same. For Some, if you don’t fit you don’t fit

I have searched for you too with no Luck till I found my Dreams

I have tried a couple of times to reach out to you seriously

but the devil aint playing to ensure “Happy ever after” never Happens for us

Honestly, the trail for you has gone cold but it is not dead

Once in a while I feel you, I sense you, I Know you are out there

Now the Guardians have brought me in for questioning
“Its Time I call the gods to a feast” Chad Says

Uriel Looked into my Soul on behalf of father and asked
“Peter Ibn Barwa Goje, Where is She?”

I found Dreams and my life has not remained the same

I know she aint human but she is a million times better than most

A lot fear my search for you is over, a lot fear I am married to my dreams

My case has now become one the gods are still Contemplating about

Now I know I was sent here for my dreams and you are great part of it all

Not Sure how this will all turn out with the end times at Hand

But I Trust the father, as I say a silent Prayer for you daily

My Dreams have created a place for you no one or nothing else can fill

A lot have come offering heaven on earth to take your place and have failed

There can only be one you, with anyone else, I can only play a fool

I know you are reading this now and smiling, by the way, I love dem dimples

Don’t worry bae, am Coming for you soon

Your Last Man Standing

-Crazy pete

-Diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa

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