Love is a Choice, I chose you

— A 2018 Valentine Piece 0.4

Love is a choice, So I chose you

Amidst all other Temptations I fell for you

Big Boobs, big assess I ignored for you

What I Trip for is a Secret I found in you

If I ever have one dream, it will be you

If I ever have one Wish, it will be You

If I ever say one prayer, it will be for you

If I ever Have One Best Friend It Will be you

But the Truth is, am yet to get made and paid

More than make Me Hustle, you make me Grow muscles

Superman, Spider man, Baby-na you make me the man

Just a Little more Time I’ll prove that I can

If it ever happens we get to Argue and Fight

Always know baby-na you will always be right

For your smile is like the dawn that brings a new day

when you speak it’s like the heavens have something to say

Baby na, Happy Val 2018.

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa [ Baby na, I Chose You]

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