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Mama Doo

A brief and random update since you left.

I still keep dreads,
And you still have a few veterans putting

a good fight for you, to see that I cut it
Still not sure how that will end

There are still a lot of mom’s doing well for us on your behalf,
God bless their souls and families
Mrs Guga left us to be with you
I guess you all Happy now, we bless and thank God for her life
Say me hi to Aunty Giwa and mama Gi

I still pray and look up to Christ as my Alpha and Omega
But keeping all em commandments haven’t been easy mama,
it’s really a hard-knock life here
But we still keeping the faith and doing our best
to be godly as you taught us.
So in 2019, I can confidently and proudly say
“Christ side still”

I am still a bachelor, “single” is such a

strong term these days so we avoid using it
Nobody seems to understand why

I haven’t put the ring on and neither do I,
Wait, nobody knows if there is anyone

to put the ring on sef, officially
and Un-officially I don’t say. It’s none of them business
So I will leave that for the future to decide,
give you an update maybe in 3 to 5 years time

Your grand kids all doing fine and cool
And I guess you saw Angel Neriah Kasham

on her way down here
Yeah, Kaybee put the ring on Comfy and is now ah daddy
We bless God for her coming

Still gat my eye issues

but am doing good like every one else with full sight
CHRIST indeed is faithful and I am thankful
I know my miracle is around the corner
So no shaking, your boy is gallant in faith and
“This too shall pass”

I Gat this whole month dedicated to you
and mothers like you that we all miss.
So I gat like 3 more post ahead for you
I Guess it’s A valentine in absentia
A val down memory lane

Love and miss you like forever Mama Doo
Hugs and Kisses

-diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa

(A 2019 val special)

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