my best friend

— A 2018 Valentine Piece 0.1

“How can I prove my love for you”? She asked

Should I kiss you?

He smiled and shook his Head

“That’s too cheap” He replied

Sex is too cheap to these days

Gifts and social media romance are all too cheap

“So how can I prove my love for you”? She insisted

He smiled for a moment and turned his back on her

Looking at the Beautiful Zaria sunset in the Distance

“Just be my Best friend,

If you can be my best friend, That’s enough”. He said

She smiled with tears in her eyes as she walked up to him, with a warm hug from behind

“I love you”, was all she said as she kissed his neck

With him, she knew she found a Home

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa [my Lady is my best friend]

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