Life Lessons,  love

My Mum

As a mother, you were the best for us.

Staring at the world through my rearview,

If it wasn’t you, I might still exist

but I will definitely not be Pete

and I will definitely not be writing this

and I am happily writing it, So Thanks.

If I was to have another mother, knowing you,

I will have waited in heaven for you to come back

and get adopted.

We didn’t speak much in this life

but your faith in me is still a riddle I am trying to figure out

Even my siblings can testify,

you saw me different, you saw me as special and unique

You had a believe and expectation that became a standard for me

Now I look up to it, and it still keeps me going

I will make it through, I will make you proud by Christ Grace

My mum hustled hard to get me here

I owe here much more to hustle hard and get there

To become successful and a good man

Most of all I owe her my faith and

the pursuit of making it to heaven at all cost

First I agreed to “The way” for her sake,

because I was born into it

but now I Believe “The way” because It works for me

But, what if I was born a Muslim, my Curious mind once asked?

It’s Obvious, some “If” can only make you appreciate life,

Caution life or change your life

If I was born a Muslim, it will be another Life

and not this one with You

So for this one that’s US and the reality I know,

I say a Big Thanks A MILLION.

My mum hustled hard to get me this far

Lt. Mrs H. L. Barwa is her name

Love and miss you like forever Mama Doo

Hugs and Kisses

-diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa

(A 2019 valentine special, part II)

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