On a Good Day

On a good day, am supposed to be married now
But still, I don’t have a chic now
Stop laughing Mar, it’s not really funny
Most especially when you don’t have the money

On a good day I Should be a billionaire now
But am still broke, I don’t have a bike now
But whatever I will make it through this bad weather
Cos where I come from we don’t Know any better

On a good day all men should have one God
One love, one trust and one Word
But things fell apart and we ain’t no longer at ease
In the Name of God, Man is now a beast

On a good day, we are the leaders of tomorrow
That’s what they said as we Grow
But where I come from Seventy is not Old
And you know that affects our Hope

On a good day I should have built mum a house now
Buy her a car and bring her a grandson
But “who am I”? Cos am far from reality
Someone wake me up and tell me it’s my time

On a good day I should be a padre now
Just like my daddy, preaching the word now
But am up in a studio trying to make a track
College Wasn’t meant for some of us as a matter of fact

On a good day I should be at the Barber Shop
Get a haircut and look like most humans
But am different and crazy and that might never stop
I hate Suites and ties cos they make me tell lies

On a good day like in every other day
I should give thanks like in every other Day
So I Thank God for giving me today
And I pray it’s a Good day for you Everyday

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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