Still Be …

Life is hard, still, live on

Life will suck but there will still be a bright side

People will mess you up

Forgive them and move on

If they persist, Ask karma for help, don’t be shy

And when she helps, no pity or second thoughts

Let them get what they deserve

Your family and friends will sometimes

not understand, Forgive them

Blood is thicker than water except for ice

So remain strong and brave

If you get hit badly if you must die

Never go gently into the night

Make sure you go out with a Bang

You are a Child of God and have every

right to be here like everyone and everything else

And if Sickness, accidents, evil men or

a strongman thinks you have no right to be here

Show them hell and Show them heaven

Show them what lineage of God you come from

Even Zeus in this age will have to bow to you

If you Know your God, Your God Knows you

Always Still be, a Child of God

-Diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa

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