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Thanks a Million

Good people will be remembered as a blessing

For their deeds, echoes in eternity

But I wish you are here to hear me professing

So we can celebrate my recent maturity

Back then in my life where issues

Which made sentences for unworthy pages

Producing numerous chapters in life that caused me strife

Thanks a million for been a sage

Though I had a problem with “who am I?”

Thanks for your last breath that saved the dream

I Could not hold back the tears when you said goodbye

Crawling on my knees you said I will one day fly

I could not see how because it was hard to get bye

Now I see but can’t stop asking, why you said goodbye?

If I remember all those days I was so broke

Worst of all my life and existence was at stake

All you did was smile as you went on your knees

Shedding so much tears to the father for my sake

I Remember 1995 when daddy had to go

More than a father and more you were there for me

Every time I cried, you always made me know

That the Father had better plans for me

When I had nothing to eat, you starved for my sake

Took away my shame, you made me bread with milk shake

Won’t forget the day enemies came knocking

With their clubs and knives, I was marked for death

But just like the matrix you got me saved

Gave me a second chance with a new breath

So many times I tried your patience

Too proud to admit I could be wrong in life
“I too know” was the name mama called it

But you saw beyond all that, you saw my true life

Anytime I had a problem you made it yours

You never closed an eye till you had it solved

I wish I could give my life in place of yours

But even my life will never be a good resolve

The best I can say is “Thanks a million”

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa #shared blessings

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