The last friend request

He hears a beep on his phone, on picking it, he recognizes the light blue themed drop down notification bar on his phone.

“Oh! it’s this guy”, He says to himself

He Just realize he never knew the dudes’ name all this while and they live two compounds apart. Marco (Alfin) Drago, Interesting (He Shakes his Head)

Accept the friends request, Life goes on

2 hours later, 4 notifications from Dude (Alfin)

He uploaded 4 selfies

One with a smile, One with a frown and the other two, hmmm Just there

Okay, He Noted, Post seen.

He scrolls up and down and settles back on the selfies,

takes a good look and realizes the dude still gat a big head.(hmmm, whatever)

Closes app

4 hours later, a notification tag from Dude

He Frowns as he opens the post

“What is this dude tagging me for?”. He wonders

He knows him Like Hi, Hi. That’s it, nothing more

It is a Post about a guy called bro

A meme, Sarcasm about Love

He takes a deep breath and sigh

How the fuck does this affect my life now?

What the fuck is wrong with this dude?

He don’t know him like that, so why tag?

Vexed, He looks for how to delete the post

It’s just a tag, can’t be deleted says Facebook

Next, Google search “how to remove tags and unfollow people”

He follows the steps provided and gets the Job done

He unfollows dude, on second thought he blocks him

Not satisfied, he Unfriends dude like he did many others

Superb — “He is a Hero” He feels good about Himself

He is finally satisfied

Closes Phone, life goes on

Open phone hours Later.

18 notifications

Scans through

All pictures, memes, fake news and gossip messages

He is Pissed (and don’t ask me why?)

13 new friend Request

Yeah, one is a friend. 12 are just people He knows on a hi hi note

Starts thinking of what to do

“Has it gotten this bad since I left 6 years ago”? He thinks out Loud

Damn, Drained out already just less than a month here

There is just one-way out he knows

Goes to settings, can’t forget this process and No going back


Relieved for Now, Goes back to Playing the Guardian on PS4 and He lived Happily ever after.

-diary of an earthling, z.g.barwa [Introverts Social Media Dilemma (ISMD)].

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