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There will be issues

From the day you are born till the day you die, there will be issues

Whether you are a He, She or a He-she, there will be issues

Whether you are young, middle age or old there will be issues

Whether you are rich, poor or in between, there will be issues

whether you are a christian, Muslim or Buddhist, there will be issues

Whether you are beautiful, handsome or ugly, there will be issues

Whether you are single, married or a priest, there will be issues

Whether you are a leader, a follower or kingmaker, there will be issues

Thus, in a life full of issues at all stages and levels,

It becomes necessary for one to heed the wisdom of Socrates,
“Know Thyself”

A few things to Note and Know,

The world is not yours to change, Christ already done that

life was hard before you came, life will be hard after you’re gone, In between do your best, because at various stages, life is good

There are universal laws and principles that give way to handwork for a man that knows where he is going. Know them and believe them

Evil pays in its own coin, but it’s unfortunately not universally accepted

So know thyself in all ways possible

Know who you are and why you are here, if you don’t care that much, know why others are here

Know your strengths and weaknesses, if you have none, know that you are very lucky

Know what you want in life and what you can give in return, if you want nothing, I envy you

Know what’s most important to you and what you are willing to die for. God, Family, Friends and Career. or maybe a girl, a boy or an argument.

Know what time it is in your life, sowing or harvest.

Also know what’s better and never settle for less

it’s better to be rich than poor

It’s better to be straight than gay

It’s better to be educated than illiterate

it’s better to be married when of age and ready than single

it’s better to love than to be the beloved

It’s better to eat, drink and be merry than question life, but why?

It’s better to be busy and creative than idle

It’s better to be healthy than sick

A lot of things are better than a lot of things, know them and strive for them

-Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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