What do you See?

Ordinary Men have a thing for calling things what they are

Dreamers have a thing for calling things what they want them to be

You see a man, they see a legend

You see work, they see the making

You see enemies, they see motivators

You see the end, they see the legend begin

It’s easier to become Rich,

If first you see yourself as such in the future

It’s easier to be successful

If first I can see myself as such in the future

Let’s try something
Assume your broke and need money desperately

Your thoughts naturally roam around the following

1.Which friends or family can lend you money ASAP

2.Who owes you Money and needs to pay back?

3.When is your next pay cheque in case the need can be pushed further?

4.Why did you spend money on this and that last week?

5.Why me. I should spend wisely next time?

A very rare thought that comes to mind at the moment is this

“What Can I do to Never be Broke again. I have had enough”

If this thought dare comes and you sustain it at the point of your need,

You will likely put it to action even after your problem is solved or not

But if your thought is just to get a bailout fund,

solve your immediate problem and move on,

You will likely go back to your routine lifestyle waiting for the next

Financial attack

It’s same for most other issues in life

No man ever became successful in comfort

We are meant to rest at comfort zones and not live there

Even wealth gained through inheriatance,

needs hard work to be sustained or to grow.

what do you see every now and then in life?

What do you chose to act on daily in life?

– Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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