Your Excuses are Legit

Your Excuses are legit
They are genuine and valid 
They are logical and true
They will pass for an ideal world
They will pass for a comic book series

BUT the problem is this
The world was rigged before you were born
The present system does not give a 
damn about your excuses
It gives a damn about your actions

The world will hear you talk, complain and whine
It will listen all day and all your life if you wish
But the Universe will reward they that take action
it will bless those that take a first step, a second step
a third step, and another step, and another step

When we die,
our excuses or actions will speak for themselves
our excuses will fade like a whisper
our Actions will echo through eternity

A man of talent is identified by his talent
A man of talent gets paid for using his talent
not for having talent
A man with no talent can acquire the skills of the talented
A man with no talent gets paid for using
his acquired talent and not for been an underdog

So let your excuses inform your action
Let your excuses guide your actions not stop them

Excuses will always only be suggestions
Actions will always be living the life

– Diary of an Earthling, z.g.barwa

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